Johnstone Bagpipes - Refurbishments

Refurbishments start at £170 (excluding return postage and any replacement parts required)

This may include beading, combing, finishing and polishing.

Please take a look below at some of our recent work.

Glen refurbish - before and after


A David Glen bagpipe which underwent a full refurbishment - including refitting the nickel caps,skides and ferrules.A diamond cut & polish removing scratches and dents from the ferrules.
Recombing and waxing of the wood.
Good now for another hunderd years !

Lawrie refurbish - before and after


A Lawrie bagpipe in full ivory which required a little tlc.
The ivory was cleaned and polished,but done carefully so as not to remove the patina.
They also had a light recombing and the wood rewaxed to preserve the finish for years to come.

Henderson refurbish - before and after


A classic 1920's Henderson in nickel and ivory.
The ivory was cleaned and polished to freshen it up - without removing the age,of course.
The wood was also lightly cleaned and recombed to bring 0ut the beauty of the wood.
A new set of nickel slides were also fitted.

Center refurbish - before and after


A John Center bagpipe which underwent a full refurbishment - all the nickel was taken off and refitted,the wood recombed and polished and the two piece ivory mounts given a good clean.
A rare bagpipe, it now looks like it has just come out of the Center shop.

Kintail refurbish - before and after


A set of cocuswood Kintail that came in for a full refurbishment - including skimming of the catalin imitation ivory to restore the original colour,as it changes to orange when exposed to sunlight.
The pipes were also recombed and all the silverwork given a good polish.

McCallum refurbish - before and after


A relatively recent McCallum set in need of some recombing and a good cleanup.
All the silverwork was all removed and refitted along with a full hand recombing of the wood.
Finally,the silverwork was repolished and the wood given a few coats of wax and a high polish..

Robertson refurbish - before and after


A sorry looking set of Robertson requiring a thorough cleanup and refurb.
The wood was first deep cleaned to remove the years of dirt and mould,then recombed,waxed and polished.
All the nickel was removed,refitted and polished.

Thow refurbish - before and after


A David Thow bagpipe that came to us without any of it's mounts,ferrules or caps.
We replicated a new fittings in imitation ivory,which we copied from a similar Thow set from the same period. 
Another set resucued from the bin !!